Saturday, February 5, 2022

How to (Explain) ADHD

I discovered this youtube channel a few months ago. It is helping me hugely understand myself, my challenges, and my advantages with having ADHD. I was diagnosed at around age 50. (I'm 61 now.) This is important to me, because it means I went so far without knowing and having the tools I needed. I believe it was a big component of how my mental health was less than it could have been and how I failed at so many things. (I did succeed at many things, to be sure. I'm not totally down on myself.) I felt I should have risen higher in my career and didn't understand why I hadn't. Then towards the end of my IT career, I started failing miserably and repeatedly.

I've been turning it around in recent years, with a lot of kinds of help, including this kind of learning about the nature of my neurological difference.