Thursday, March 21, 2024


 Every few years, we should get a colonoscopy. This is so things that could become problems are detected early. I’m about to head to my procedure. The past 29 hours, I have fasted and subsisted on clear liquids. I have taken the liquid treatment which makes my body purge its contents. The liquid doesn’t taste as bad as it did in recent years, and that’s a blessing. The purging is the most unpleasant part of the whole experience. It makes me tired and hungry, and my body and mind are weak. I feel like I took medicine to make me sick. I had a feeling I should not urinate while standing, and that turned out to be spot on, because spontaneous defecation can occur.

I will be anesthetized, and there will be no pain. The worst is already over, and I’m still at home. I was able to work while taking in nothing but Gatorade. I took today off work. I’ll go back to work tomorrow.

While the liquid treatment no longer tastes horrific, making Dave Barry’s column from 2008 somewhat inaccurate, I recommend that everyone read it, or at least everyone who thinks they will reach the age of 50.